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Welcome to West Agenda

We exist to bring forward a conscious agenda, full of curated products that spread kindness and love around the world. We are always dreaming and thinking of the future. We believe that everything we do now has an impact so we are very intentional about how we treat our current realities. Through this aspiration, West Agenda was born. A place to shop specialty curated products that not only benefit you but benefit others and the environment around you. West Agenda believes in the bigger picture and we hope that you can come along with us to dream about the future together.

We are a Californian company through and through. We love the West Coast (West Coast is the best coast, right?). We hope to bring in our Californian roots to every initiative we begin and every product we feature. California is all about the sunny, good vibes and we want to bring those with us in every single item we feature on our site. West Agenda is designed to be a safe haven full of products that are good for mind, body and soul. No matter where you are in the world, we want you to feel those sunny, Californian good vibes as well.

Kindness Made Simple

Our products are plant based and are designed to bring holistic wellness to your life. The goal is to have each product be made of minimal, superior ingredients that promote health and kindness to you. We know that you work hard and we want to make it easy for you to take care of yourself and have a central hub to find your next new favorite small batch, eco-friendly product. 

A Work in Progress

We are all a work in progress and in a way, that is such a comfort. It takes time to fully master a sustainable life and we feel that at West Agenda too. Although we want to promote the best, we know that we are constantly learning and are adapting to the new information we get. We want you to join us on that journey of learning and live a more sustainable lifestyle each and every day. Discovering the new is what motivates us to continue with West Agenda. From sourcing kits to help you start a zero waste lifestyle to sourcing the most luxurious body products to help you feel your best.

It is our belief that all living creatures deserve to live a life free from fear and manufactured struggles. That is why we are constantly learning and motivated to find more solutions that promote wellness and wholeness for the whole planet.

A Message from Our Founder

Our founder, Shannon, has been set out to bring the absolute best to West Agenda. In this brief introduction to the brand, we wanted to share a quick message from Shannon about her why behind starting West Agenda:  

I love to share my joy and take care of those I love, it’s what gets me up every single day and with regards to West Agenda, that mission has just gotten a bit larger. It’s not just my husband and children I am thinking about every day, it’s all the brands we carry, the good they do, and all of my like-minded fellow humans. My ability to share with the world and be at the intersection of discovery for others looking for amazing brands with amazing missions to support drives me every-single-day. 

Welcome to the Journey

It is an absolute privilege to bring you along on the sustainable journey with us. It is our goal at West Agenda to keep promoting a sustainable lifestyle and wellbeing with each and every day. We thank you for joining us and we hope we can bring more love and kindness to your daily routine.

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