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Blue Oil Fern, Live Rare Houseplant

Blue Oil Fern, Live Rare Houseplant-Wilderly-Faire-West Agenda


Blue Oil Fern, Live Rare Houseplant

The Blue Oil Fern (Microsorum thailandicum (steerei)) is a species of fern native to Southeast Asia—ranging from Thailand, Southern China, and Vietnam. Best known for its remarkable blue iridescent leaves, it comes from shaded, humid, jungles in limestone regions, where the blue leaves serve as an adaptation to capture more light in these low light understory conditions. The Blue Oil Fern is not a fussy fern to grow, but attention to some details will insure success. Due to its natural habitat, it requires high humidity, low-moderate light and warmth. Good soil drainage essential, though the plant does not like to go completely dry. Mounting, growing in a hanging basket or pot are all acceptable as long as the general conditions are met.


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