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Labisia sp Riau Green, Live Rare Indoor Plant

Labisia sp Riau Green, Live Rare Indoor Plant-Wilderly-Faire-West Agenda


Labisia sp Riau Green, Live Rare Indoor Plant

Labisia sp. Riau, also commonly called 'Fishbone,' is a small woody plant with upward pointing leaves native to Southeast Asia. The sp. Riau is named after the location it was originally located. Labisia are incredibly unique, as each plant is slightly different in its patterning and color. As a result, many plant collectors strive to obtain a variety of Labisia to capture the spectrum of its beauty. Due to natural variance in the leaves, each one of our plants will look slightly different – but always awe worthy. Labisia sp. Riau needs loamy, rich in organic matter soil with good drainage. Soil should be kept moist, but don’t let your Labisia sp. riau sit in water. The leaf color becomes more vibrant with higher intensity lighting. These beauties require higher humidity, ideally above 80%.


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